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transforming force

Primary School extension Zubizarreta Ikastola

  • Location: Igorre, Bizkaia
  • Client: Basque Government
  • Date: 2016-2018
  • Principal Architec: ACHA_ZABALLA Cristina Acha, Miguel Zaballa.     Andrés Iza
  • Design Team: Ion Gozalo, Alexander Monasterio, Iñaki Herran
  • Structural Architect: Jon Bilbao
  • Services Engineer: Unai Martínez de la Hidalga
  • General Contractor: Opacua S.A.
  • Photograph: Luis Díaz Díaz

It faces the playgrounds of the school complex of the municipality located on the outskirts of the town, towards a space to which up to now they have practically been denied facades in spite of being surrounded by buildings. Intentionally the facade evokes the interior-exterior relationship, classroom-playground. The playground is understood as an extension of the school.The new construction extends a school of the sixties designed by the architect D. José Luis Burgos.The project is attached to the existing building and adopts its logic. The growth scheme responds directly to the premises of the assignment, where an increase in the number of classrooms fits in a simple and effective way with the pre-existence.The emphasis is on circulations, continuous, wide, without cul de sac.

The extension proposal provides continuity over the existing organizational scheme and measures to guarantee the correct functioning for the resulting total number of users. The continuity approach is reinforced with complementary provisions, such as the elimination of cul de sacin the west end and the opening of a new transversal connection between corridors around the central vestibule, in order to guarantee smooth circulations and improve the evacuation conditions of the whole.The work is limited to the defined area of ​​new occupation in the west, so that it is easily delimitable with limited easements, allowing the normal operation of the plot complex during the execution of the works. 

The extension follows the compositional pattern of the existing building on the north and south facades. On themainfacade, facing the playground,a pleated micro-perforated shutter is projected as a latticework. This lattice ensures an effective solar control for this west orientation and at the same time it offers sufficient mechanical guarantees to facethe sports tracks. The constructive development of this element takes into account in addition to its mechanical strength, its geometric composition for a no scalable playground front.

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