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2014 AWARDED. Procesos Arquitectónicos CSCAE. Adaptation of the San Jerónimo Convent in the Hospedería de Herrera del Duque.

2014 THIRD PRIZE. International Competition WT Smart City Awards in Milan. Italy

2013 AWARDED. Arquitectura en Positivo CSCAE. More House in Castro Urdiales. Spain


competitions selection


2015 FINALIST. Ideas Competition Biblioteca en el Antiguo Cuartel de Policía Local en Almería. Spain

2014 MENTION. Ideas Competition for the new Euskal Herria square and Fronton in Orkoien

2013 THIRD PRIZE. International  Ideas Competition Baltic Sea Art Park in Pärnu. Estonia

2011 SHORTLISTED. International Ideas Competition Liesma Hotel in Jurmala. Latvia

2010 FIRST PRIZE. Ideas Competition Adaptation of the San Jerónimo Convent in the Hospedería de Herrera del Duque. Badajoz. Spain

2010 SECOND PRIZE. Ideas Competition for the Gernikako Arbola Square in Urretxu. Bizkaia. Spain

2009 THIRD PRIZE. International Ideas Competition Bcc Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian. Gipuzkoa. Spain

2008 FIRST PRIZE. Competition Ideas Rehabilitation Old mine tunnels and redevelopment of the Ocharan area in Castro Urdiales. Spain

2008 SECOND PRIZE. Competition Ideas Rehabilitation and extension of the Bake-Eder Palace as office dwellings in Getxo. Bizkaia. Spain

2008 MENTION. Ideas Competition. Adaptation of the San Juan de Dios Convent in the Hospedería de Olivenza. Badajoz. Spain

2007 FIRST PRIZE. Competition 58 public dwellings in Huesca. Aragon. Spain

2007 SECOND PRIZE. Ideas Competition Underground parking and new España Square in Arnedo. La Rioja. Spain

2007 SHORTLISTED. Ideas Competition Fiscalia Building in Justice Campus Madrid. Spain

2006 SECOND PRIZE. Ideas Competition Inteco. National Institute of Telecommunications of the Government of Spain. Leon. Spain

2006 SECOND PRIZE. Ideas Competition of Redevelopment of the Armintza borough


publications _ books, magazines


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2014 Proyectar Bilbao. COAVN. Bilbao. Grupo Vía

2013 Innova Youth Meeting. Madrid. Atari Cultura Arquitectónica. Grupo Via

2012 Architectes Basques <40 Pavillon de l´architecture PAU. France Atari.Ka

2011 COAVN. Bilbao




2015 "diálogos. arquitectura vizcaína s.XXI" ETSASS Escuela Ténica Superios Arquitectura San Sebastian.

2015 "diálogos. arquitectura vizcaína s.XXI" Sala Diputación" Bilbao

2015 "diálogos. arquitectura vizcaína s.XXI" Metro Bilbao

2014  WT Smart City Awards in Milan. Italy

2014 "architectur competition baltic sea art park", Museum of Architecture. Tallin .Estonia

2014 "architectur competition tartu wardolf center", Museum of Architecture. Tallin .Estonia

2013 "arquitectura sostenible" musuem cementos rezola. Donosti. Atari Ka

2012  “National and university library NUK II Competition” Museum for architecture and design, Fužine castle, Pot na Fužine 2, Ljubljana.

2010  Exhibition "Hospederia Herrera del Duque Competition" at the Palacio de Congresos de Mérida. Badajoz, Spain






Cristina Acha Odriozola (degree in architecture in 1999 School of Architecture of the University of Navarre) and Miguel Zaballa Llano (degree in Architecture in 2005 School of Architecture of the University of the Basque Country) lead the office. They work associated since 2006, after seven years of independent careers in outlined engineering firms.

Some of their notable projects are the Hotel in Herrera del Duque – rehabilitation and extension of the XV sc. Convent of Saint Jerome in Badajoz; the rehabilitation of the Mine Tunnels and redevelopment of the surrounding protected area in Castro Urdiales; the Fronton in Armintza; a 70 public dwellings building in Huesca; the MORE-house.

Their projects have been wide published in magazines, blogs and specialized media in architecture.


library in almería. spain

library in almería. spain

mh17 memorial. amsterdam

los bajos space. roquetas. spain

la bastida center. spain

psis salesianos. pamplona

rail baltic station parnü. esnia

dss2016 pavillion. san sebastián

MOREhouse. castro urdiales. spain

NUK II library ljubliana. slovenia

europan 12 don benito. spain

biskaitik getxo. basque country

euskalherria square. orkoien

vodice borough. slovenia

europan 12 marseille. france

co2 center hontomín. spain

geoliite headquarters jaen. spain

inteco headquarters leon. spain

retail space. sestao

españa square arnedo. spain

armintza borough

public dwellings. burgo del ebro

basque culinary center. bcc

apartment in castro urdiales. spain

fiscalia building. madrid

publioc dwelligs in eibar

ocharan area castro urdiales. spain

errebal space. eibar

cutur center in reinosa. spain

library in daegu. korea

wardolf center in tartu. estonia

liesma hotel jurmala. latvia

ce la inmobiliaria torrelavega. spain

baltic sea art park in parnü. estonia

hotel in olivenza. badajoz. spain

frontón in armintza. basque country

hotel in herrera del duque. spain

70 public dwellings in huesca. spain

BIA space. bilbao

guggenheim helsinki. finland

gernika square. urretxu

public dwellings. portugalete

office building. getxo

112 center. san javier. spain